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Rising Property Taxes in Texas: Everything You Need to Know

In October, you’ll go to your mailbox, and, inside, there will be an annual property tax bill. While Texas has notoriously high property taxes across the board, the 2021 property tax bills are set to be some of the highest on record. Most people know that an increase in home values is one of the […]

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How to Protest Your Property Taxes in Texas

Your property tax appraisal arrived in the mail. You opened it up, and nearly passed out. Texas home values are going up, but how could your property value have increased so much? This might be great for the economy, but you’re a homeowner. Is it the best thing for you? Now you’re mad and ready […]

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How Do Texas Property Tax Loans Work?

If your annual property tax bills always leave you feeling shocked and struggling to cover the payment, you’re not alone. In the state of Texas, high property tax rates are the norm, and many families find themselves struggling to cover these costs each year. A property tax loan seems like a good way to cover […]

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Are You Eligible for a Home Tax Exemption for Disaster Damage?

The winter storm that hit in February left many people with significant home damage. Unfortunately, property values are appraised as of January 1st each year, so many homeowners have outstanding property tax bills for homes that are no longer worth their appraised values. If your home was damaged during the winter storm, you may be […]

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Have Questions About a Property Tax Loan?

  You may find yourself in a position this year where you’re not able to pay your property taxes. We wanted to let you know that Home Tax Solutions is here to help you. We are a plus rated with the Better Business Bureau five-star Google reviews. We’re all here. We’re all local if you […]

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