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Should I File a Property Tax Protest?

First and foremost, you should approach a property tax protest with the right mindset. Taxing authorities are trying their best to accurately appraise property values with very limited resources. With so few appraisers in each taxing district, it’s not possible for every property to be individually evaluated each year. Past values, similar property values, and […]

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Why are Texas Property Taxes So High?

This is a complex question, and many Texans think they have the answer. In this blog, the Home Tax Solutions team is going to take a look at some of the reasons Texans find themselves with hefty property tax bills each year, what homeowners can do, and how the Home Tax Solutions team helps. Property […]

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Understanding Texas Property Tax Deferment Options

If you’re over the age of 65, you have likely heard that you are eligible to defer your property taxes. For some, this is the best course of action, but no option is right for everyone. In this blog, the Home Tax Solutions team reviews some of the basics on Texas property tax deferrals. If […]

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Visit the New Home Tax Solutions Office in San Antonio

  Welcome to Home Tax Solutions of San Antonio! Our brand new office location and the knowledgeable team of loan specialists are ready to invite you inside for a chat about your property tax loan options. We are so proud of our new office location, and we can’t wait to get to work here, providing […]

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Should I Consider a Reverse Mortgage or a Property Tax Loan?

When you originally bought your home, you were likely given one or more decades in which you didn’t have to worry about property taxes because these payments were included as part of the mortgage. This protects the lender’s investment since homebuyers will not have this added expense. Many homeowners think that reverse mortgage will work […]

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